Five must do's for Instagram stories to boost your small business.

Five must do's for Instagram stories to boost your small business.

Instagram is one of the most prominent social media platforms; from data collection to making purchases, the app is constantly adding new features to assist small businesses to flourish in the photo-sharing community.

For several small businesses, Instagram is an excellent advertising tool. Cultivating a significant and engaged following, on the other hand, might take a while and be effort demanding. However, all the works are nothing compared to the return on investment that you will acquire.

The following 5 must-dos can help you quickly and accurately grow your small business' Instagram account and achieve a vast and valuable audience.

  1. Make fresh Announcements Using Your Stories

  2. As we discuss how to use Instagram Stories to advertise your small business, don't overlook using your Stories to introduce new content on your Instagram feed. Most of your consumers may view all of your Instagram Stories but not all of your IG posts. It's a simple Insta business strategy for a small business to improve interaction on a post by publishing a fresh piece in the form of an Instagram Story.

  3. 2. Execute A Competitor Analysis

  4. Do competitive research to evaluate what other businesses in your area are producing as you establish your Instagram audience. Start by looking at your top rivals' Instagram accounts if you already know who they are. If not, look for similar profiles by searching for phrases relating to your business and sector.

    Evaluate similar accounts to discover which posts are receiving the most interaction, what relevant hashtags they're utilizing, which captions they're using, how often they publish, as well as how rapidly they're expanding. As you begin to develop your profile, you may use this data as a foundation.

  5. 3. Develop A Consistent Branding

  6. Your audience may be confused by posts with different designs or styles and have difficulty recognizing your brand or business. Follow a standard brand style on your Instagram profile to avoid this.

    Assess your brand identity to establish a standardized branding format. Modify your content to reflect your brand image once you've set it. This strategy also applies to the visual style you employ in your pictures. You can do this by using a simple overlay or colour from your brand style that reappears in every photo or post you make.

    Using a uniform but creative profile picture can help your follower and prospective clients distinguish your brand from your competitors. You allow them to search for your site easily because your logo has been instilled in their minds.

  7. 4. Generate More Videos

  8. No one can deny the fact that video is on the ascent, even though pictures create more significant interaction.

    Instagram is pushing video content with Instagram Stories and live video content. The beauty of using Instagram videos is that they don't need a lot of work. Everything you need is your smartphone and a little imagination. In addition, the videos are presented in one-minute segments, making it easier for you to grab the attention of your potential leads.

  9. 5. Use IG Story Templates

  10. Stories created with templates not only look great but also generate greater engagement. Cleverly designed, engaging Stories are often more likely to trigger people to pause and pay close attention.

    Followers are likely to linger around to watch more instead of skimming past if you design a Story with several slides using templates that blend and complement one other. This one is particularly true when the layout makes it apparent that there will be more attractive topics in the future; it generates curiosity among the readers.

    This is particularly important, especially if you are still beginning to establish your brand. If you are using fun and engaging IG story templates, you will surely grow your follower through word of mouth.

    Though IG stories are more casual and far less formal than feed postings, it doesn't imply you can't put some effort into making attractive Stories — and doing this will help your posts shine out. Moreover, using templates makes taking your Stories to the next level a breeze.

    So, what do you have to lose? Get the most out of your Instagram stories with these easy to use templates, click here.

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