What is the size for Instagram stories?

What is the size for Instagram stories?

It’s a great idea to work on the design of your Instagram stories. Great stories can increase user engagement.

The images you design for Instagram Stories should have the following dimensions: 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels high. This means the ratio is 9:16. This means that other resolutions (for example 1366×768 or 1600×900) are also accepted. The dimensions for your Instagram story video are the same. It is important to use these dimensions to make sure no important content is left out after uploading. Instagram will simply crop your image or video and leave out content you’ve carefully designed.

(Right) Click the image below on the right and use the ‘Save image as’ option from your browser to save this image and use it as an example template for your Instagram story.

Tips for creating Instagram stories

Keep these dimensions in mind when designing or making photos for your Instagram stories. For example: make photos vertically (vertical orientation) and make sure your most important content/subjects are in the middle.

Save your stories as .PNG or .JPG files because other file types are not accepted by Instagram.

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